Interview with Pat Yuille at the Gather Dream Create Inner Circle

May 23, 2014

Interview with Pat Yuille at the GDCIC



Lots of new and exciting ideas for my blog as well as for GDCIC! The above video is a short clip of the interview I had with Pat Yuille last week. She was gracious enough to invite me into her home for the interview. In order to watch the entire video you must be a member at the Gather Dream Create Inner Circle. Go here to learn more.

Pat and I met several years ago when we ran into each other at the quilt market in Minneapolis. I was vending with my punchneedle and rug patterns so it must have been around 2004. Many months later I was at my friend’s shop, Wren in the Willow, for a signing and guess who showed up….Pat! She chuckled and said she was my stalker. I was so delighted that she lived nearby! We had a great conversation and decided to meet for lunch that next week. After that lunch, we both got busy in our daily lives and lost touch for a while….more like years.

When I launched Gather Dream Create Inner Circle in 2013, I decided to get in touch with her and ask her if she’d be willing to do an interview for the GDCIC. I had lost her number due to getting a new phone so I did what most people do when trying to find an artist. I went to the internet. I hoped she had a facebook page or something but no luck. I even contacted a couple of her licensees to see if they could get me in touch with her but still no luck. (who’s stalking who now?)

Finally, one day I discovered Pat’s email address buried in my studio and I emailed her. We met for lunch and I asked her for the interview and a couple months later, voila! Here we are! Many thanks to Pat for opening up her home to us and sharing her knowledge about art and licensing.


Starting next week, here on this blog, I will be posting product reviews and licensee spotlights! I am very excited to share these ideas with you. The first product review will be JoSonja Crackle Medium and the first licensee spotlight will be Park Designs.

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