How to Create a PDF Catalog using Pages Ebook

(this ebook is for Mac users with Pages publishing software)



Who can benefit from PDF catalogs?

Artists, Craftsmen, Designers and Photographers, that’s who!

  • artists can create one presentation catalog and email to multiple potential licensees
  • periodically send catalogs of new art to existing licensees to keep them up to date
  • create a catalog of your art to email to art agencies when searching for representation
  • email a catalog of new original art to your collectors
  • send catalogs as art submissions to multiple galleries
  • PDF catalogs are not just for 2-D visual artists; sculptors, furniture designers, jewelry designers, etc will also benefit by creating PDF catalogs
  • are you a crafter? take photos of all of your current crafts for sale and create a catalog including prices and send a mass email to all your past customers
  • also for artists and crafters, use these product catalogs as show submissions
  • great for photographers! need something professional to send to potential customers? Make a catalog of your photos by subject matter; weddings, family, graduation, etc.


Once you are familiar with creating PDF catalogs, you can use them for other purposes, such as:

  • create an annual family "catalog" to share family photos with captions and stories from the year
  • hosting a silent/live auction? Create a catalog of the auction items and email to all potential buyers to entice them to come to the auction
  • private and parochial schools can create catalogs to help promote their school and boost enrollment
  • the ideas are endless!


Take a look at the type of PDF catalog this ebook will help you create!


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