Whimsy 365: Day 180

April 6, 2016

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Whimsy 365: Day 180

Today is the day!!! I’m painting and filming the Angel Tutorial! Sooooo excited :)

Who is this tutorial for?? Anyone that wants to learn to paint. If you’re not into angels, you can still paint what I’m painting just leave off the wings and halo.

I believe everyone is creative. Think about it…when you were little, did you look forward to art class? Were you intimidated by a blank sheet of paper? I bet not. As a child were are inherently creative.


Art is therapy. Look at all the adult coloring books in the marketplace now. Why? Because people who come home from a stressful day at work or spend the day wrangling little ones need a stress release…and coloring does that for them!

Now just imagine if you sat down and created the drawing yourself….and the next day painted it. I tell you, it is therapy. I know because I live it!!

So my challenge for you is to jump in with both feet and join me in my Angel painting tutorial and learn how to paint. I give step by step instructions via video recordings, a supply list as well as a PDF of the angel we will be painting together.

Add creativity back into your life! Hope you will join me!

This tutorial will be available April 14, 2016. Go to www.gatherdreamcreate.com and click on the tutorials page in the navigation bar.





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