Top 7 Mistakes Made on Social Media

September 28, 2015

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Top 7 Mistakes Made on Social Media

There are so many social media platforms available today that it’s not only overwhelming but can also be a time-sucker. It’s not necessary to be on ALL social media platforms. Do what makes sense for your business. Ask yourself….who is my ideal client and where do they hang out? Which platform are my followers engaging in conversation with me and other followers? Once you determine where you should put your focus, make sure to avoid these top 7 mistakes many people are making on social media and start building your tribe today.

  1. Not moving your fans/followers to your email list. I have said it before and you will hear me say it often: the number one goal for your business is to build your email list. Why? Because you own your list. You don’t own your material on social media. For example, let’s say you have 5,000 likes on your Facebook page and one day, FB is gone. Maybe Mark decides he’s moving on. There’s no way for you to connect with those people once it’s gone but if you had gotten them to sign up for your email list, you can still connect with them. Go here to learn how to build your email list.
  2. Not talking and engaging with your fans/followers. Seriously….what is the meaning of the word social? (from seeking or enjoying the companionship of others; friendly; sociable. So interact with your audience. Make it a conversation. Don’t just post and forget it. Go back a few times a day and reply to comments. You’ll get to know your audience and they’ll get to know you.
  3. Not building relationships. This is similar to #2 but it’s more about reaching out and commenting on other people’s posts and pages. Find people that have similar interests as you do, follow them, and start a conversation with them. Do this a minimum of three times a day.
  4. Constantly selling. Biggest mistake of all. It’s a different world than it was 10 years ago…even 5 years ago! People buy from people they know, like and trust. You in a sense are selling YOU! When people get to know you and trust you they are more apt to eventually purchase something from you. It’s a BIG turn off when all posts are about your “amazing product”. You will lose followers.
  5. Unrealistic Expectations. Building relationships take time on social media just like in real life. Don’t expect to get 5,000 followers in a week. And when you do get to 5,000, don’t expect everyone to be purchasing everything you have to offer. Someone may be following you for years before they purchase anything from you. Don’t get caught up in this….just keep providing VALUE & GREAT CONTENT.  Just keep planting those seeds and your harvest will come.
  6. Not providing value. Be helpful. Be entertaining. Solve a problem. You certainly don’t have to do all four all the time but you need to give your audience useful and helpful information. If you’re on your business Facebook page posting photos of what you are doing at every moment of the day, you will quickly find your likes going down. What does your audience need? What can you give them (or gift them) that would help them. It could be an inspirational quote, a PDF to help them get organized, a link to an article you wrote (or someone else wrote) that shows them how to solve a problem, and entertaining video…..the list goes on and on. Be creative. Make them look forward to your posts.
  7. Not being real. Be you, Be authentic. There’s only one you in the world so share YOU. We were all created unique and different for a reason…we all have a special mission on this earth that only we can accomplish and we can’t do it by trying to be someone else or trying to be something we’re not. When you are open and vulnerable, people will relate to you and connect with you. Don’t worry about everybody liking you. It’s impossible to appeal to everyone. If you try to make everyone like you, you will lose yourself and not even know who you are. Just be you and the people who are like you will become part of your tribe making engagement on social media natural and easy…..not to mention FUN!

I hope you will keep these tips in mind as you are posting to your social media platforms. I am curious….which platform do you get most the most engagement?

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debra eaves November 24, 2016 at 2:22 pm

I am searching everywhere to learn how to do vimeo videos for on line teaching. I don’t want to step on anyones toes out there, but can you direct me to a way in which I can learn. I’m right now doing intense research in blogging. I started two different times and it was so bad I’m embarrased for anyone to see them. I’m really have a bad time at learning. I have really appreciated the teaching you have done.


tkogut December 2, 2016 at 5:51 pm

I use to use vimeo but more people will see your videos if you are on YouTube. I use my iPhone to record my videos. You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment. I use iMovie for editing my videos. I work on a iMac so iMovie can with my computer. I am self taught with editing videos. It just takes time and playing around with the program until you figure things out. Do you work on a pc or mac?


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