Flower Girl Speed Painting

January 6, 2017

In late 2016 I finally started an art journal….well, actually two of them. The first one I picked up at the store and the paper is not of good quality so I purchased another one with thicker watercolor paper. Anyhoo, I’m really enjoying working in these journals! It’s the perfect place to experiment, play, let loose and just be messy! Hopefully as I “play” in these journals, I will embark on new techniques by using new products and unleash creativity I never knew was there.

4192 -AJ Flower Girl sm

“Flower Girl” was an amazing experiment. I had never painted flowers in a girls hair before but I loved the process. I had also just gotten some new W & N inks and tried them out for the first time. I painted this art journal page for my Kogut Studio Uncut members so they can create their own. If you’d like to join me in my studio each week via raw, unscripted, uncut videos, check out Kogut Studio Uncut. Come paint with me!

Enjoy this speed painting video of “Flower Girl”.




Cedar Hill

November 14, 2016

Cedar Hill

Did you see my newest collaboration with Park Designs??? “Cedar Hill” was released this fall. It’s really beautiful! Perfect colors for my home.

Cedar Hill 2I’m thinking about giving away the runner the first of the year over at my Facebook page.

Let me know your thoughts!





Art Journaling

November 8, 2016

I’ve wanted to create an art journal for a few years now and I’ve finally started! These are the first two pages. I filmed them for Kogut Studio Uncut (which you can get for one month FREE to try it out).

If you are a member of KSU, you will see the “real time” video and be able to paint along with me. These videos have been sped up 20x. Enjoy!

1st journal page is “Good Day” mix media acrylic.

4180-Good Day AJ1


The 2nd page is “Drink Tea” mix media acrylic.

4185 - Drink Tea

If you’re interested in trying out a FREE month of Kogut Studio Uncut (KSU), you can go here to learn more.




Special Offer!!!

October 14, 2016

Special Offer!!

Join the fun at Kogut Studio Uncut and get your first month FREE!!!!

What is Kogut Studio Uncut (KSU)?? 

Each week you can join me in my Michigan studio to see what I’m creating. (via video, of course 😉 One week I may be painting in acrylics, one week I may be painting in watercolor. I may be making a bracelet or finishing a punchneedle project…..we may even do road trips! Who knows where the creative whims will take us!

As a member, you have instant access to the videos. The weekly videos will be available for approx 6 months. They are categorized by month so you’ll get four videos each month. You can log in anytime to watch. You can watch a video as many times as you want until it is taken down.

I share my tools & techniques along with stories about life, art & business – unscripted, unedited, uncut.

To get your first month FREE, use coupon code KSUFREEMO during check out at www.gatherdreamcreate.com/uncut  Click “learn more” to continue.

Here’s the best part……if you LOVE Kogut Studio Uncut, do nothing and you’ll remain a member for a small monthly fee, however, if you decide it’s not for you, simply cancel your membership before the month is up to avoid getting charged.

You have nothing to lose! If you join now, you’ll have three months worth of videos to watch. You can paint along with me or grab a cup of coffee or tea, relax and watch me create.

Hope to see you there!

Here’s what some “uncutters” are saying about KSU:

Robin Suarez on Watercolor for Country Bear Calendar (part 1)  “I LOVE being invited into your studio life:) I always seem to let life’s struggles get in the way of my creative time. Thanks for being real :) Hope you got a good night’s sleep and your shoulder feels better!!”

Ridgely Johnson on July 19 – Midnight Flight (part 2)  “Love the colors… Your shared stories … Wished I could bee-bop over and hang around … You know — keep you in clean water-make sure you have on your apron, and catch a few up close moments watching you paint!? Questions sure to follow after last segment!”




Whimsy 365: Day 365

October 8, 2016

whimsy 365 day 365 100816


I can’t believe it’s over!!!!! This is THE LAST sketch in the 365 day challenge. Mid way through I thought “oh my heaven’s, how can I keep going?” But I must say now that it’s over, it kinda freaks me out how fast the year went!!!!!

It’s been an entire year of sketches, at times it was a struggle to wait for inspiration….and sometimes I just closed my sketch book and double up the next day. I can remember like it was yesterday making the commitment to this challenge. Wow, time flies, y’all! Do a challenge such as this and you’ll really see what I mean.

Thanks for following along. Hope you enjoyed it. I now have enough sketches in my arsenal to paint to my hearts content.

God Bless,



Whimsy 365: Day 364

October 7, 2016

whimsy 365 day 364 100716


Whimsy 365: Day 363

October 6, 2016

whimsy 365 day 363 100616


Whimsy 365: Day 362

October 5, 2016

whimsy 365 day 362 100516


Whimsy 365: Day 361

October 4, 2016

whimsy 365 day 361 100416


Whimsy 365: Day 360

October 3, 2016

whimsy 365 day 360 100316