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June 10, 2015

Join My Creative Whims Newsletter

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 11.31.53 AMpictured above is a screenshot of the beginning of my June 2015 newsletter

Join a newsletter? Why, you ask? It’s the best way to keep informed. I know many of you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc but if you’re not looking at those social media platforms all the time, you can miss important announcements. For example, last week I offered a one-day sale of 40% all punchneedle and cross stitch patterns. I have never done that before so wasn’t sure of the response I would get. I only announced it on Facebook. Some folks contacted me a day too late and some heard about it from the lucky ones that got the discount only it was too late for them to take advantage of the sale. (whew! I was overjoyed and yet overwhelmed by the number of orders I received, I’m glad it was only a one-day sale!!) But you get what I’m saying, right? When someone posts on Facebook, it may be hours later before you can login to Facebook and the post is way down in the feed so you miss it. Joining my email list via my newsletter is a way to never miss out again. Any Facebook sale I do in the future will also be sent via email. So don’t miss out, join today!

What’s in the newsletter? I announce when new patterns are available. I show some of my latest works of art. I’ll let you know what’s new at Gather Dream Create. I always throw in a little bit of what’s going on in my personal life. Special sales for newsletter subscribers (the best part!). Inspiring quotes and usually fun bit of art to top it off. But here is the most important reason why you should join my newsletter:  it’s the safest way to stay connected!

Yesterday, I learned that hackers can take over your social media platforms and wreak havoc. To learn how and why they do it, listen here to Chalene Johnson’s podcast. Hackers held her hostage and turned her world upside down. She shares her experience and how to keep it from happening to you!

Although she’s re-gained control of her email accounts, her social media accounts are still a disaster and she lost thousands of followers because of it. Very sad. Currently, her only way of communicating with her followers is through her email list.

Therefore, I encourage you to join my newsletter. There’s a few ways you can do this; go here to see my latest newsletter and sign up there, click here to sign up on my blog, or sign up in the right hand column of this page.

Once you join my email list, I promise I will not bombard you with a ton of junk. My newsletter comes every so often. The goal is monthly, but it happens more like bi-monthly or even quarterly depending on how hectic life is at the time. You may receive an email once in a great while announcing a sale or new pattern release.

IMPORTANT: Once you have signed up, please, please, please add to your contacts so the newsletter doesn’t get filed in your spam folder. That’s it! You can be assured to stay connected with the craziness of my creative life :)

The June 2015 newsletter just went out this morning. Here is a link so you can check it out.

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